Retirement Plan Services

In serving as a fiduciary partner for more than 25 years, we have developed the specialized resources and expertise to help you answer your questions and solve your most pressing challenges. Here are some of the services we offer:

Investment policy statements

Do you know what your plan’s goals are? Are you sure that it is designed to meet them? We help you develop a blueprint for your entire investment program, establishing investment goals, risk parameters, allowable investments and service expectations.

Investment committee training

Does your investment committee understand its fiduciary responsibilities? StoneStreet Equity can work to educate committee members and facilitate meetings to help your plan meet its fiduciary responsibilities.

Provider monitoring, search and selection

Have you selected the right investment managers? Are your service providers cost efficient and effective? We offer a wealth of comparative information to enable you to evaluate your plan’s service and investment providers in an effort to fulfill your fiduciary duty. We can also assist in the search for new providers, developing RFPs, meeting with candidates and making recommendations.

Expense benchmarking

Are you paying higher than average fees to your investment and service providers? StoneStreet Equity can compare your plan’s expenses to industry norms, help you negotiate fees and, if necessary, suggest more cost-efficient providers.

Enrollment and communications

Do your company’s employees value the plan you offer? Do they understand it and invest appropriately for their needs? We can help you with strategies designed to increase participation, deferral rates and overall appreciation for the plan through targeted enrollment and education programs.

Participant success measures and retirement readiness

How well does your plan help participants prepare for retirement? How does your participants’ “retirement readiness” compare to other plans? We can monitor and benchmark participant success measures and help evaluate the retirement readiness of your plan’s participant population.

As fiduciary obligations evolve, institutional investors need clear, unbiased advice from experienced fiduciary partners.