Road to Retirement Planning

If you’re like most retirement plan sponsors, you are inundated with challenges and confronted by an endless stream of questions. Which investment managers should you include in your plan? How should asset allocation be managed? How much should you pay in fees? How can you keep your plan in compliance with changing regulations? What is your corporate and personal fiduciary liability?

Managing the retirement plan may be only a small part of your job, but chances are it takes up a great deal of your time and energy. StoneStreet Equity specializes in helping companies like yours get the most from their retirement benefits program. We offer you the advantage of our knowledge and experience. Among the advantages we provide are:

  • Conflict-free investment advice: We provide you with objective, impartial advice, based on your interests alone. We offer level fee compensation arrangements with no product bias. We do not charge money managers or vendors to be included in our database.
  • Commitment to your success: We build on more than 60 years of experience to build a framework for your success. We will help you improve performance, reduce expenses, satisfy fiduciary requirements or adopt best practices in managing your retirement plan – whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals.
  • Clear solutions to your challenges: Our seasoned professionals hold advanced certifications and degrees, but it’s our ability to communicate with clients that sets us apart. First we listen. Then we offer meaningful recommendations in a proactive, timely manner.
  • Practical intellectual capital: Our research is practical. We strive to help improve returns, reduce risk or both. We have a depth of experience in matching assets and liabilities in defined benefit pension plans, developing liability-driven investment strategies (LDI), dynamic glide paths and custom risk-based portfolios to meet your goals. Equipped with leading-edge tools and extensive research, we deliver real-world solutions to complex issues.

Our mission

We strive to be a trusted, respected advisor to plan sponsors, focusing on successful participant outcomes and enabling plan committees to understand all aspects of their duties.